Doboj fishing area

Doboj fishing area has almost exclusively got cypirinid fish species. Doboj fishing area includes City of Doboj and municipalities of Derventa, Teslić and Petrovo. In fishing areas of this region, the most frequent fishing technique is float fishing as well as swimbait and bottom fishing.

In the City of Doboj area, fishing takes place on the rivers of Bosna, Usora, Spreča, Rudanka and some other small watercourses.

Fishing area in Derventa municipality is the River Ukrina, while in the municipality of Teslić fishing takes place on the River Usora, whose upper part (to Studenac) is characterized by brook trout, while the lower part is represented by cyprinid species.

Fishing area in Petrovo includes the River Spreča with its tributaries, as well as small Lake Orlovo.

The whole area is interwoven by many rivers and watercourses draining from the surrounding planets, which is agreeable for developing all kinds of fishing. The most significant part of this region is the River Bosna with its smooth flow and easy access to all parts of the bank makes it very attractive to sport fishing lovers.