Royal Village Kotromanićevo

Twenty kilometres from Doboj towards Derventa and 45 kms from Croatian border, a tourist settlement named ‘Royal Village Kotromanićevo’ is located on one hectare in area. It was built on the bank of Veličanka River, rich in fish and shells, which is an evidence of its cleanliness.The village is well fitted into untouched nature  and is a right place to take a rest, hold a seminar, enjoy antique royal ambience and old architecture of Bosnian kings.

The very village is designed as a place that turns you back to old times and life of kings and knights in medieval Bosnia, reminding of way life of ancestors and their attachment to native land. Numerous things collected in the area, replicas of medieval objects, and natural materials used in construction of buildings give an impression of turning back in time to a life that was much more moderate and healthier than modern one.
At the same time, you will enjoy modern amenities fitted into traditional architecture such as: traditional restaurant ‘Kraljeva voda’ (King’s Water), located in the central building with a castle keep; deluxe, wooden holiday houses shaped as medieval huts, furnished in modern way; child playground; watermills; a lake, camp and resting place; working area for artists of artistic colony, grills and other facilities.