Zvornik lake

 Zvornik lake is an artificial reservoir created by building the hydroelectric power plant “Zvornik”, in the narrowest part of the Drina River, at the exit from the famous Drina canyon. The lake is 25 km long and extends downstream from Zvornik to the mouth of the river Velika Reka. It covers an area of 1,300 hectares. At its narrowest part it is 200 m wide and 3 km at its widest. The maximum measured depth is 39 metres. The average depth is 5-8 metres.

Torrential streams and rivers that flow into it manifested themselves by forming large and small islands and peninsulas around which there is a wealth of fish and wild ducks (mallards).

The shore of Zvornik lake provide countless opportunities for sports, recreation, entertainment and enjoyment, from fishing and swimming to canoeing competitions and many other water sports. If you go fishing or hunting on the Zvornik lake, then you do it in two countries (Serbia and the Republic of Srpska – BiH). The Municipal organisation of sport fishermen “Drinsko jezero” from Mali Zvornik (Serbia) and “Bistro” from Zvornik (Republic of Srpska) work as one association, whose fishery officers jointly take very good care of the lake.