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Municipality of Srebrenica is located in the north-eastern part of Republic of Srpska, in the middle of a large bend of the River Drina, where natural resources and beauty constitute the largest part of Srebrenica tourist offer. According to a Roman map from that period, the area around Srebrenica was called Argentaria (silver area), after which the town was actually named. Owing to the pleasant, wooded environment of coniferous and deciduous forests directly descending to the very town streets and parks, many springs of mineral waters and favourable wind rose, Srebrenica has long been considered as ecologically clean environment and health resort.

Beautiful landscapes, wildlife, Serbian spruce and other rare species of flora and fauna can also be recorded with a camera during a 40-km sail on Lake Perućac, between Bajina Bašta and Višegrad. The Drina River is known as the cradle of rafting, while the surrounding hilly and mountainous part of Srebrenica, as an area with numerous viewpoints, is one of the most attractive hunting grounds in Republic of Srpska.