Special hunting ground Susica

One of the most attractive hunting grounds both in Srebrenica as well as in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina is certainly the special hunting ground “Susica”. This hunting ground is managed by FE “Drina” Srebrenica.

It covers an area of 9,000 ha in hilly and mountainous area of the southeastern part of the municipality. Altitude of the hunting ground is 291 m – 1525 m. Unparalleled ambient features within this hunting ground evoke feelings of immense beauty in visitors and numerous vantage points complete these impressions with views of the vast forested areas and winding canyon of the Drina River.
The special hunting ground “Susica” is full of brown bear, chamois, deer, wild boar, wolf and other game.
In order to provide more efficient hunting, but also for photo safari lovers, stands were built in a special natural setting of the hunting grounds that provide excellent opportunities for visitors.
The hunting ground has a certain hunting and tourism infrastructure such as walking paths, stands for observing and hunting wild animals, feeding spots, etc. In the canyon near Lake Perucac, there is a hunting lodge with a dozen beds capable of taking in guests.
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