Ugar River

Ugar River, a right tributary of Vrbas River, springs under the slopes of Vlasic and hollows out a cascade bed in a great fall. Its meandering flow, rich in water, is home to Ugar River trout of bright, almost silvery pigmentation.

At the point where the main road Travnik – Kneževo – Banja Luka meets with the river, and pine and spruce gradually give way to beech and hornbeam, Ugar River flows smoother and enters a shallow valley, flowing slightly towards Vrbas River in the east. Along its flow, Ugar River receives two powerful waters on the right side – Ilomska River and Kobiljska River and, strengthened and enriched with oxygen, after ten kilometres of peaceful flow through meadows and osiers, Ugar slowly begins to hollow out one of the wildest and most beautiful canyons in this part of Europe.