Cultural and historical heritage of Kneževo

In Kneževo municipality, there are traces of monuments from the time of Bogomilism – tombstones, upright stone slabs decorated with paintings and relief (village Baština, Mramorije in Kobilja and Barice in village Borak), a monument from the Second World War in Ugar River canyon, while a special national treasure make four Serbian Orthodox churches (in places Imljani, Javorani, Živinice and Kneževo).

Among them, especially significant are old churches and chalets in the villages Imljani  (Sv. Elijah Church, which keeps a valuable relic known as the “grandfather’s stick”, which locals believe is the stick that belonged to St. John the Baptist)  and Javorani (St. Nicholas Church),  both built in Ottoman times.

The church in village Javorani is protected as a historical monument. At the confluence of Ilomska River with Ugar, the remains of medieval fortress Oštrca can be seen. Ugar River canyon contains the remains of a caravan route, and just above its confluence, at Ilomska River, there is Veliki buk waterfall under which it is possible to cross to the opposite bank even during the highest water level.