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On the timbered plateau on the north-western slopes of Vlašić mountain, there is Kneževo municipality.

There are many wooden churches (the best known are St Nicola’s and St Elias’), included in the cultural heritage, that are proof of the rich history of this area.

Kneževo has great conditions for development of health-recreative, mountain, hunting, fishing and excursion tourism. The most attractive segment of the tourist offer are wide forest spaces, mountain streams and fresh, clean air that enable full relaxation and holiday.

Due to very positive influence and proportion of oxygen, this territory is considered an air spa. The additional charm is given by mountain rivers, ideal for fishermen. Ugar, Ilomska and Duboka are attractive for swimming and fishing, and keen hunting tourists may practice their favourite activity in the hunting ground chasing big and small game.

In winter, the focus in on Kneževo Ski Centre for all winter sports lovers. Kneževo Ski Centre offers possibilities for skiing on two paths in the length from 600 to 1,000 m.