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Novo Gorazde

The municipality of Novo Gorazde was established by a division of the pre-war Gorazde in 1994, and verified after the Dayton Peace Agreement in 1995. This extremely hilly and mountainous area is located under the eastern slopes of Mount Jahorina, at an altitude between 335 – 1300 meters. The Drina River, characterized by its exceptional water quality and specificity of fish stocks, runs through he municipality in the length of 10 km. Also, Drina is a river where numerous events and sports competitions are held.

The municipality of Novo Gorazde is very rich with the game typical for this area, such as: wild boar, rabbit, wolf, deer, fox and wild duck. Besides the local hunting enthusiasts, the hunting ground is visited by hunters from neighbouring municipalities and countries.

As a trading centre and town, most directly related to Dubrovnik caravan trade, Gorazde was mentioned 1379 and, as an open city, in 1444. For the genesis, survival and development of the region the most important thing was the medieval Samobor fortress, the tower of Herzog Stefan Vukčić Kosača. Two years later, in 1446, Herzog Stefan built the church of St. George a dozen kilometres upstream, in Donja Sopotnica.  In the period 1519 – 1521, a Cyrillic printing press worked in the church, the second oldest in the Balkans, and the first on the territory of present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina.