Archaeological sites

The remains of prehistoric settlements in Kostajnica were found at the following sites: Gradina Marinković – Tavija, Oštra glavica – Mrakodol and Gradina Grdanovac.
In village Strigova (12 km from Kostajnica), the remains were found of a Roman settlement obelisk from the third century, the remains of a Roman aqueduct (Bubnjarica) were found in the town and the remains of dross and an iron foundry from Roman times were found in village Mrakodol (Brisevci), which show that there was a very developed industrial activity in the area at the time.

Several medieval localities: Crkvina-Kalenderi (Zovik), fortress Soko, fortress Slatina and the so-called ‘karaulište’ (English: border posts) and fortress Drenovac (village Petrinja) testify about life after the Romans.