River Una

Una River with its tributaries is a true gem of clean drinking water, waterfalls, river islands and fauna. It was named by the ancient Romans, who, when they first saw its scenic beauty and heard the murmur of its waterfalls, exclaimed ‘Una!’, which means “one” or “only”.
The people who live on its banks have a special relationship with the passionate “emerald lady” – the passion that astonishes. Una has its special charms, thanks to exceptionally clean and clear water and incredible emerald reflections and unreal architecture in the rocks that make up miles and miles of labyrinthine waterfalls and islands. The traditional Una Regatta takes place every year, while Una riverbed is a real paradise for kayaking and rafting.

Most fishermen and friends of nature consider Una as a genuine natural oasis. There are more than 20 species of fish in the river, while small crayfish can also be found, which confirms how clean the water is.