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Šekovići municipality is located in the area of the River Drinjača, a clear mountain river that provides ideal conditions for fishing. It flows through the municipality in the length of 23 km, and the following hills are scattered on the both sides of the river: Vis (764 masl), Paljevina (841 masl) and the highest hill Udrič (1042 masl), then Lemino hill (613 masl), Kozjak (659 masl) and Sokolina (507 masl).

From the Romans to the present day, Šekovici area used to cut through important roads, connecting the areas in the east of the Drina with central Bosnia, the evidence of which being cultural and historical monuments with a large number of stećak stones. The most important and most beautiful monuments of the material culture of this area are two medieval monasteries, the Monastery of Annunciation in Papraća and the Monastery of St. George in Lovnica.