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Kotor Varoš

Kotor Varos municipality is located in the central part of RS, and mostly is hilly and mountainous area surrounded by mountain ranges Uzlomac, Borja Vlašić and slopes of Mt. Čemernica. The backbone of the road network in the municipality of Kotor Varos makes the main road M-4 (Banja Luka – Doboj) through which the municipality is connected with Banja Luka and Doboj region.

This area is especially rich in flora and fauna, water resources, among which dominates Vrbanja River and its tributaries, as well as Vilenjska springs and Skakavac waterfall. The landscape is adorned by mountains Uzlomac, Borja and Vlašić, the medieval city of Kotor (House of Hrvatinić endowment from the 14th century), Liplje Monastery (the 12th century), the old town center from the Turkish period and the medieval stećak necropolis of Trzan-Glavica.

A special charm to all this is given by: home handicraft (woollen knitted clothes, tapestry weaving), gastronomic specialities (Vlašić cheese, smoked meat, ‘cicvara’ – gruel), old crafts (blacksmith, traditional way of wheat milling in watermills), various religious holidays and folk customs related to religious festivals.