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Han Pijesak

On the old caravan road from Sarajevo through Romanija Mountain, at every 10 kilometres, there was one han (Tur. hostelry) for rest, staying overnight and billeting of the travellers, soldiers and trade caravans. One of such hans was Han Pijesak, around which a homonymous settlement was formed.

Han Pijesak is surrounded by hills: Veliki Žep, Javornik, Studen Gora and Trešnjvac. Such position created healthy mountain climate. Han Pijesak itself is on the altitude of 1,180 above sea. Thick coniferous and deciduous forests contributed in creating this place, a well known climate and air spa.

In the Culture Hall in Han Pijesak, there is a native gallery with, apart from temporary exhibitions; a collection of old photos of Han Pijesak municipality, collection of the old newspaper article, postcards and ancient items.

Currently, there are 15 restaurants including 1 with the board and lodging. Clean water streams rich in trout enable development of fishing.