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Drinić, a place of renewal and new beginning is located in a picturesque plain rimmed with slopes of mountains Klekovača, Oštrelj and Srnetica, by the Sarajevo-Jajce-Bihać main road. Immediately before Bosanski Petrovac from the direction of Ključ, turn left and after a five-minute drive you will get to this place with many characteristics of a mountain town.

Municipality of Petrovac – Drinić is located in the northwest part of Republic of Srpska. Drinić area stretches between Una River in the west, Sana River in the east and Unac River in the south. Numerous springs and creeks have been famous for fresh and clean water for hundreds of years.

At the very entrance to Drinić, the attention is drawn by a monument to antifascists from the Second World War, interesting in appearance and artistic concept from 1970s. Right beside this impressive edifice there is a memorial plaque-honouring victims of fascist terror in this area.

Holy Trinity Church in Drinić was recently built and it perfectly fits into the suroundings.

The patron saint of Drinić is Saint Luke, celebrated on October 31. Tourism is a growing industry in Drinić.