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Brod municipality is situated in the northest part of Republic of Srpska, it confines with the Sava river and the slopes of Vučijak and Motajica mountains. The broad valley between them is made by the Ukrina river and the area of Ivanjsko Polje. Rivers and many streams make this territory one of the richest in water.

Since Bosanski Brod is connected to the fast international rail- and road traffic through the border crossing with Croatia, it is at the very contact between the east and west, which had left deep impact on its development in the past.

A great number of archaeological findings from prehistoric, stone and Iron Age, as well as the Roman period show rich life of this area throughout history. Among the natural sights, Drenička Cave is a very important speleological object in Vučjak area.

Regarding tourism, the best that Brod municipality can offer is hunting and fishing. Hunting grounds for small game and ducks are in the territory of Ribnjak and Ivanjsko Polje; slopes and depth of Vučjak Mountain are extremely rich in big game. A rich fish stock of the rivers Sava and Ukrina attracts the fishermen from broader region.

“Open Fishermen’s Cup” and competition in making fish stew “Golden Pot of Posavina” give a particular charm to “October Deliberation Festivals”.

Brod municipality has many excursion sites, and places for swimming in the rivers.

Among cultural events that have a traditional character, there is “Sava” aquarelle settlement.


Tourist organization Brod

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