Posavina and Brod fishing area

This area is characterised by abundance of cypirinid species of fish. The fishing area includes municipalities of Brod, Vukosavlje, Modriča, Šamac and  Pelagićevo. In fishing areas of this region, the most frequent fishing technique is float fishing as well as swimbait and bottom fishing (on the lake).

In Brod municipality, fishing mostly takes place on River Sava and a part of River Ukrina.

In municipalities of Vukosavlje and Modriča, fishing area are River Bosna and Lake Modrički Lug.

Fishing in Šamac municipality takes place on the rivers of Sava and Bosna, as well as some swamps formed as a consequence of gravel extraction.

Fishing area in Pelagićevo municipality is in the namesake lake, which is a real challenge for lovers of modern carp fishing.