Jezero Perućac


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Bratunac municipality is situated in the valley of the Drina river, in the eastern part of Republic of Srpska. During its course through Bratunac municipality, the Drina river with its tributaries represents a luxurious gift of the nature and it has been the most attractive river for the sports fishing lovers, so far. The Drina river is rich in huchen, sneep as well as capital examples of chub, barbell and sheat-fish.

A fast stream of the Drina river, in the area between Perućica and Zvornik lakes, offers ideal natural conditions for rafting.

Bratunac is rich in natural potential for tourism development such as: lots of water streams, flora, fauna, suitable climate and clean, fresh air.

Hunting grounds are mainly in the mountain part of the municipality, and are full of bears, wild boars, foxes, martens, wild cats, badgers, hares, pheasants, field and wood partridges.