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Bileća is situated in the East Herzegovina at the crossing of the roads that lead from the south, Adriatic coast and Dubrovnik (60 km), Trebinje (30 km) to the north (Gacko), east (Nikšić)  and west (Mostar). It is mainly hilly, karst and toward the north mountain area. Bileća is a town of rich and interesting cultural – historic past.

Below the town itself, there is an origin of Trebišnjica river, where a concrete dam – 105 m high – is erected such creating a huge artificial lake, one of the largest in the world, known as Bileća Lake. From the lake, there is an excellent view on the Red Cave (there is a geological exploration campaign ongoing and some Neolithic findings have already been discovered, and it is considered that there will be some Palaeolithic findings, too), that lies below Kosijerovo Monastery on the Montenegrin side, at the very confine with the municipality.

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