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  • M. Grad
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  • Gradiška
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  • Doboj
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  • Bijeljina
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  • Višegrad
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  • Foča
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  • Trebinje
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  • E. Sarajevo
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Modriča through history

During archaeological excavations traces were discovered of prehistoric people on a number of sites (Gradina in Dugo field) above the river Bosna valley.

According to the current archaeological data, the oldest farmers in the municipality occurred during the middle and late Neolithic period (Kulište pear in Kruškovo field).

Much later (4500 years ago), the foundations of the first settlement were laid on Dobor hill.
There are seven cultural horizons and traces of human presence in Dobro fortress.

The name Modrica was first used in 1244 in a charter of the Hungarian King Bela IV.