• Banja Luka
  • 1°C
  • Prijedor
  • 1°C
  • M. Grad
  • 1°C
  • Gradiška
  • 1°C
  • Doboj
  • 1°C
  • Bijeljina
  • 1°C
  • Višegrad
  • 20°C
  • Foča
  • 1°C
  • Trebinje
  • 13°C
  • E. Sarajevo
  • 1°C


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Kneževo municipality is located at the woody highlands in the northwestern slopes of Mount Vlasic. The rich history of this region is witnessed by a greater number of wooden churches (the most famous being St. Nicholas and St. Elijah) listed on the World Heritage List.

The most attractive part of the tourist offer are wide forest spaces, mountain streams and clean air.

Due to the very positive impact and ratios of oxygen in the atmosphere there, this area is considered an air spa. Mountain rivers, ideal for anglers, are an additional charm.

Rivers Ugar, Ilomska and Duboka and are attractive for swimming and fishing, and hunting enthusiasts may involve in their favourite activity in the hunting area, intended for hunting large and small game.

The focus of the winter activities is the Kneževo Ski Centre where all the lovers of winter sports can find their place to enjoy. Kneževo Ski Centre offers skiing on two tracks of 600 – 1000 metres in length.