National park Drina

National Park “Drina” is the youngest national park and new protected nature area in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was established in March last year.

This National Park is located in the territory of the municipality of Srebrenica and covers an area of 6,315.32 hectares. Protection of the area was carried out on the basis of the Law on National Park “Drina” and the Study for the designation of protected area – NP “Drina”, which was adopted by the Republic of Srpska National Assembly during 2017.

NP “Drina” is the 19th protected area in the Republic of Srpska and the third in the category of a national park, after Sutjeska and Kozara. It extends to the left bank of the Drina river, from the dam in Perućac to the border with the municipalities of Rogatica and Višegrad.

The area under protection is 27,972.35 hectares, which is a share of 1.13% of the total surface of Srpska. Part of the natural wealth of NP “Drina” can be seen in the video attachment, where the recordings of the river Drina, the excursion Bjele Vode and the fortress Đurđevac near Skelani were recorded.

The basic values of the National Park “Drina” are habitats of endemic and relict plant species, above all Pančić’s Spruce and the ravine-canyon valley of the Drina River and its tributaries. This area constitutes a unique complex, that is, a part of the Dinaric Starovlaško-Raška higher.

The presence of Pančić’s Spruce (Picea omorika), which is an endemic and tertiary relict species, contributes to the exceptional value of the area. At one time this species was widespread in Europe, and today its area is limited to the area around the middle course of the Drina River. In Bosnia, it is widespread in the municipalities of Rogatica, Srebrenica, Foča, Čajniče and Višegrad.


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