Bijeljina fishing area

Bijeljina fishing area includes the areas of City of Bijeljina and Ugljevik municipality and is abundant with cypirinid and salmonid fish. In fishing areas of this region, the most frequent fishing technique is float fishing as well as swimbait and bottom fishing.

In the City of Bijeljina area, fishing takes place on rivers Sava, Drina, Janja, Lukavac and small tributaries, while in Ugljevik area fishing is present on River Janja and Lake Mezgraja.

Watercourses of Bijeljina region are characterized by lowland rivers of a fairly smooth stream and easy access to all parts of the bank, which is why these rivers are very attractive for anglers. These watercourses are characterised by abundance of fish, especially cypirinid species such as: maple, sneep, pomfret, barbel, pike, carp, asp and other white fish species.