Slatina Spa

Slatina Spa is located in the tourist town of the same name, twelve kilometres south of the centre of Laktasi at 206m above sea level. The main features of the town are its clean air, abundant springs of thermo-mineral water that reach temperatures up to 42ºC and springs of drinking mineral water, known as “Kiseljaci”. Slatina is one isolated, unpolluted by industry, secluded resort and tourist town with a long tradition of spa and excursion tourism. The town has a toponym Ilidza, which is the Turkish word for spa and hot spring in general.

Banja Slatina is currently part of the Institute for rehabilitation “Dr. Miroslav Zotovic” and spa visitors have available a full medical treatment, which includes a number of different forms of therapy under the supervision of medical staff. The spa facility has two indoor pools and 12 baths, which are available for visitors every day from May to October. In winter time, the pool and two baths on the hospital premises are open for underwater massage.

In addition to rehabilitation, visitors have at their disposal a variety of recreational opportunities, which include sport activities (beach volleyball, table tennis, basketball…), nature walks, visits to cultural and historical monuments, hunting, fishing and the like.