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  • Gradiška
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  • Bijeljina
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  • Višegrad
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  • Foča
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  • Trebinje
  • 22°C
  • E. Sarajevo
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Lake Perućac


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The municipal territory of Bratunac occupies over 293km² of hthe northeastern part of Republic of Srpska and is located in between the following places: Srebrenica, Milići and Zvornik. Drina River forms the border between Bratunac area with Serbia (Ljubovija and Bajina Bašta municipalities) and is 68 kms long. The town itself is located in a spacious valley, surrounded by Drina River and thick forests. There are valleys of arable and inhabited fields around the river banks, but also steep banks of escarpment and canyon type, covered with willows, poplars and undergrowth.

In ancient times, Drina River was named Drinos; necropolises with barrows and ‘traces’ of human activity from the Roman period also witness the long history of this area. The mid-Podrinje area is well-known as an area where great builders lived, constructors of famous wooden and stone houses named ‘osaćanke’.